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Judy Giannotti
Created by: Engel, Matthew

Dear Friend,

Your donation directly supports the great cause of Alzheimer's Foundation of America. Alzheimer's is hideous illness that no one should have to contend with. Sadly, I lost my mom to this disease at the age of 76. 

Thank you for your contribution in my mom's name.


In Love,

Matthew Engel

Spielberg, Rhona$ 25.7511/04/2023111 dHollinger, Vivian and Jim$ 100.0011/03/2023113 dWhite, Patricia$ 102.9910/31/2023116 dBoll, Catherine$ 50.0010/30/2023116 dWallace, Jeanine$ 25.0010/30/2023116 dHason, Judi$ 100.0010/30/2023117 dKelly, Lawrence$ 75.0010/29/2023117 dAnderson, Frances and Bill$ 100.0010/29/2023118 d

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Every dollar raised helps people like Sam

"He told me he was scared. He knew his memory was starting to go. He said, 'I need help.'"
- Jared, Sam's nephew and caregiver


Jared reached out to AFA and we helped his family navigate their Alzheimer's journey.

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